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Assemble is a virtual construction platform that helps teams design, bid and build with confidence. Assemble provides control over project scope, cost and schedule throughout the building life cycle, helping design and construction teams build benchmarks that lead to successful project delivery.

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revit, autocad, qto, QA, QC, mobile BIM, estimating
Stadia 3d
Super Shared Parameter Loader
Add-In Manager
Basic Reporting: Hosting and Formulas
Send Railing Length to Selected Parameter
Revit SP.Writer
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Michael McCune 1 year 3 days ago

This app is really great for doing takeoffs out of Revit. Tracking changes of a model, getting quantities and cost is a breeze. Highly recommend this app. The new 3d view just implemented is pretty nice. You can also export selections out of Assemble and open them up as Selection Sets in Navisworks.


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