Revit Architecture
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Price: $5,000 - $10,000

Revit Architecture is a comprehensive Building Information Modeling software for architectural design. Users can design building components in 3D, create and annotate 2D drawings, and access a database of building elements.

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BIM, architectural design
Revit Structure
Revit MEP
Microstation V8i
Bentley Architecture V8i
Building Electrical Systems V8i
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Stefan Boeykens 3 months 1 day ago

One of the best BIM authoring systems on the market. Well-thought out with the inter-object relations.

Modelling can be clumsy at times and Family editing is not for everyone.

Windows-only, alas. And there should be more control over IFC export and import.

Extensible with .NET add-ons and decent integrated rendering engine.

Still some limitations in scheduling and quite complex to properly set up.

Jonathan Newton 9 months 5 days ago

You get out of it what you put in. Leading BIM software in Sydney, the software has a lot of potential but also plenty of issues, many well known to Autodesk for sometime without resolution. It's poor for any conceptual work and is primarily a production platform. With a strong library and diligent drafting you can produce a lot of work rather quickly.

Mark Hogan 12 months 2 days ago

Revit does almost all of what you need it to do, but there are still a lot of workarounds required for some types of projects (i.e. multifamily). Also, they need to get web/cloud based worksharing straightened out for project teams that are not working in the same office. That aside, it is a very powerful piece of software that makes design and document tracking much, much easier.

Scott Griggs 1 year 6 days ago

Overall good product, but Autodesk is doing a poor job of fixing issues.

Nathan Miller 1 year 4 months ago

Revit is dominating the AEC BIM space for a reason. Revit Architecture is an extensive package that provides innovative production workflows with great features for 3D building modeling and information management.

What keeps it from being 10/10? I want better 3D graphic performance, more expansive early-stage modeling capabilities, and better interoperability with other design tools (that may not be from Autodesk)

... those issues aside, this is a workhorse of a program and a critical to production workflows today.


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