Platforms Plugin-add-ins
by Kyle T. Morin
Exports panel schedules in a Revit project out to individual Excel (XLS) files.
by Kyle T. Morin
Exports Spaces along with Light fixtures within those spaces out to the .STF file format used by DIALux software for photometry calculations.
by Kyle T. Morin
Generate QR codes natively in Revit.
by Kyle T. Morin
Moves circuits associated with one panel over to a newly selected (hopefully empty) panel automatically. Maintains circuit numbers as well.
by Bioinformatics Laboratory
Open source data visualization and analysis for novice and experts. Data mining through visual programming or Python scripting. Components for machine learning. Add-ons for bioinformatics and text mining. Packed with features for data analytics. Visual Programming: Design your data analysis process through visual programming. Orange remembers your choices, suggests most frequently used combinations, and intelligently chooses which communication channels between widgets to use. Visualization: Orange is packed with different visualizations, from scatterplots, bar charts, trees, to dendrograms, networks and heat maps, etc. Interaction and Data Analytics: Actions seamlessly propagate through data analysis schema. Selection of data subset in one widget can automatically trigger change of display in the other one. By combining various widgets you can design data analytics framework of choice. Scripting Interface With scripting interface in Python. Open Source Its free
by open source BIM collective developed a software tool to view and evaluate online BIM models. The bimviews software is fully compliant with the BIMSie API interface to work with BIM in the cloud. Use to evaluate.
by open source BIM collective
Checking IFC models on the quality of the data. Implemented parts of the Dutch "Rijksgebouwendienst BIM norm" as an example.
by open source BIM collective
Server to communicate on BIM issues and status using the BCF (BIM Collaboration Format). Will be a Wordpress plugin. Ready for BCF 2.0, communicating with BIMSie API and
Transformation between IFC and COBie (both ways). Plugin of
by Thomas Krijnen
IfcOpenShell is an open source (LGPL) software library that helps users and software developers to work with the IFC file format. The IFC file format can be used to describe building and construction data. The format is commonly used for Building Information Modelling. IfcOpenShell uses Open CASCADE (the Open CASCADE Community Edition) internally to convert the implicit geometry in IFC files into explicit geometry that any software CAD or modelling package can understand.