Platforms Windows
by Richard Leeke
A great application for converting Shapefiles (.shp) into two .csv files structured as needed to draw polygons in Tableau.
by Manuel Aristarán
If you’ve ever tried to do anything with data provided to you in PDFs, you know how painful this is — you can’t easily copy-and-paste rows of data out of PDF files. Tabula allows you to extract that data in CSV format, through a simple interface. And now you can download Tabula and run it on your own computer, like you would with OpenRefine.
by Knowledge Architecture
Social intranet for architects and engineers written on top of SharePoint. Integrates with Deltek Vision, Newforma Project Center, and Axomic OpenAsset to enhance professional service automation, project information management, and image management.
by Geometry Gym Pty Ltd
This gbXML plug-in is for Rhino and Grasshopper. In Rhino users can import gbXML data arranged into a color-coded hierachical layering system. There's also a tree viewer for gbXML items and relationships that are linked to object selection in Rhino. On the Grasshopper side of things, there are components to build gbXML data "from scratch" in accordance with the schema (not dissimilar from creating IFC data in the Geometry Gym IFC plug-in).
by Park Jaeman
Jamparc_v5 is a plug-in for McNeel's Rhinoceros 5 that provides additional features for architectural modeling and layer management. Contains a number of architecture-specific custom tools for Rhino, in addition to some SketchUp-esque push/pull modeling features to extend Rhino's default UI.
by Integrated Environmental Solutions
VE-Pro is a cutting-edge suite of building performance simulation tools. Used by leading sustainable design experts across the globe, it creates understanding of the performance impacts of different low-energy design strategies. The specially designed IES architectural analysis package offers the most comprehensive suite available. Investigate suitable bioclimatic strategies even before a line has been drawn, and connect from SketchUp or BIM packages.
by CivilFEM
The most advanced, comprehensive and reputable finite element analysis and design software available for the Structural Engineering Projects. The system combines the state-of-the art general purpose structural analysis features of ANSYS (ISO-9001) with high-end, civil engineering-specific structural analysis capabilities of CivilFEM, making it a unique and powerful tool for a wide range of civil engineering projects (such as powerplants, bridges, tunnels, singular buildings, offshore structures, etc). As both programs are completely integrated, CivilFEM supports all types of advanced analysis supported by ANSYS (dynamic, static, linear and non-linear), running as a unique software.
ANSYS Structural software addresses the unique requirements of pure structural analysis without the need for extraneous tools. The product delivers all the power of nonlinear structural capabilities — as well as all linear capabilities — to deliver high-quality, reliable structural simulation results.
by RISA Technologies
RISA-3D is structural engineering software packed with the most current steel, concrete, cold-formed steel, masonry, aluminum and timber design codes, RISA-3D gives you the tools to tackle multi-material projects with confidence. RISA-3D also integrates seamlessly with RISAFloor and RISAFoundation, including links to top detailing, drafting, and BIM packages for a complete building design solution.
by Graphisoft
EcoDesigner STAR is built to serve highly energy-efficient building design by turning ArchiCAD Building Information Models (BIM) into multiple thermal zone Building Energy Models (BEM). Architects can now enjoy the benefits of high-end building energy performance simulation and reporting without leaving ArchiCAD.