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Connecting Technology + People in the building industry

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Part app library, part community - our goal is to connect you to relevant apps that will make your work better.

Status Quo: too many digital tools scattered across the Web - resulting in too many missed opportunities.

On AEC-APPS: browse our collaborative library and add the apps you already use to your App Kit...

...then discover new, meaningful apps based on your interests and what your industry peers are using.

The Library

In our collaborative library of AEC software, we break down the world of digital tools into just two types:

APPS, ranging from large software to a few lines of code...

...and PLUGINS, which are apps that extend other apps.

As a member, you can add entries for commercial apps and plugins that are editable by the whole community.

If you've made apps and plugins you'd like to share for free, you can also upload your own content to the library.

Stuff you upload is editable by you alone - others can't mess with it!

Community Features

  •   Score, review, and share apps with friends
  •   Follow users to keep up on new tools they discover
  •   Talk shop with industry peers from around the globe

What's on the horizon, you ask?

  •   More ways to connect with other users
  •   App tutorials and collaborative learning
  •   More apps added to the library every day!

Now it's time to discover some new apps!

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